5 UX Design Apps Showcased

UX Applications have many forms but similar solutions when it comes to giving great experiences and effective workflows with speedy outputs.  As the industry is ramping up these apps and those that use them have to keep pace and often re-iterate, test and present fast and effectively.

There are good apps and then there are great apps. Starting from balsamiq, which is a bit older now but still holds up, to the latest such as Hype 3 pro, adobe xd and invision studio.

pushing the edges of device testing integrations and visual animation as well as code production for the end result, one can nearly finalise most projects before the fully loaded product phase with these great solutions for UX Designers.

5 | Balsamiq Mockups 3
4 | Sketch
3 | Adobe XD
2 | Hype 3 Pro
1 | Invision studio
Bonus App | FIGMA

The reason I have put Figma last is due to various factors that contribute to it being great and bad, this is prominent in the fact that there is no offline mode for this app, but its tried so hard to be great with amazing features nothing else has, in terms of collaborative aspects, the shortcut methodology and much more.


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