Award Vault

Elevate Your Awards with a Captivating 3D Online Experience

For Award Ceremony Companies & Award Show Hosts

Transform your awards ceremony into a groundbreaking, interactive experience with AwardVault, a cutting-edge 3D online experience.

Imagine: Guests from around the world immersed in a stunning 3D environment, experiencing beautifully rendered awards and awardee profiles. AwardVault goes beyond the screen, creating a lasting impression for recipients, sponsors, and viewers alike.


  • Enhanced Engagement: Captivate your audience with a dynamic 3D experience that surpasses traditional online ceremonies.
  • Global Reach: Eliminate geographical barriers. Allow anyone to access the awards celebration from anywhere, anytime.
  • Elevated Award Recognition: Showcase individual achievements with interactive profiles, personalized bios, and multimedia content.
  • Increased Sponsor Visibility: Integrate sponsor logos and branding seamlessly within the 3D environment, maximizing ROI.

Diagram of Award Vault Customization options:

1 – Awardee Socials
2 – Awardee Profile
3 – Award Backdrop
4 – Spacial Sponsor Spots
5 – Ceremony Branding
6 – Featured Static Sponsors
7 – Sponsors banner
8 – Award designated to Person
9 – Award Platform

Pricing Options:

  • Per Awardee / Sponsor: Perfect for smaller ceremonies. Customize each awardee’s profile with a unique 3D award and sponsor integration. ( Price: Per awardee – Bulk discount available )
  • Per Award Ceremony / Brand: Tailored for medium-sized events. Design a complete 3D award ceremony environment with individual awardee profiles and sponsor branding. ( Price: Upon Request per ceremony )
  • Exclusivity – Yearly: Own the virtual stage. Create a fully customized 3D experience with complete design control, branding opportunities, and year-round accessibility. ( Price: Upon Request )


Next Steps:

Contact me for a free consultation and a personalized quote. 

Let AwardVault transform your next awards ceremony into a truly unforgettable experience.