African Business Directory

1 | The Overview

African Business Directory is a broad based marketing and listing solution, that offer a couple combined features not usually found together.  In this case, there is a combination of messaging system, friending system, a business listing and an automatic marketing campaign using Adwords that goes with the initial package and sign up.

2 | The Context and Challenge

Looking around the web, there are few properly African focused and B2B solutions for companies in Africa that need a slightly more catered approach in terms of isolating their market, and facilitating B2B opportunities for them to create cross continent connections, that will further power the African economy.

The challenge being that the market in question requires an easy to use, quick loading and simple detail entry point system as the general market for this is not yet digital strong enough to take on too much management, and thereby the need to limit managerial requirement is the biggest focus.


3 | The Process

Having worked with and for other brands that serve African based companies and events, I resolved to test and play with words to iterate to a design that is clear on all devices and serves the solution and purpose within 2 clicks.

Further, there are clear and concise marketing points of attack required for an African company trying to build a network and international or inter-continental client and partner base.


4 | The Solution

AfricanBusiness.Directory has landed and the packages and product on offer will vastly improve online presence and reach of clients joining.  Not just do they get the 4 initial features, chat, friending, project posting and a marketing campaign, but they also get a page that can be used to let clients faster grasp your details without the clutter of other social media or listing outlets.  This is the simplest and best looking listings site in Africa, and the hopes are to keep it ad free by getting 10 – 50 new clients per week.

The objective is to gain simply 1% of African businesses, thats nearly 10 000 listings and will create a powerhouse network that will all get cross promoted to the world.

5 | The Results

A growing network and site with simple and easy methodology to get involved and gain exposure and opportunities for Africans alike.


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