Houndstooth Apparel

1 | The Overview

Houndstooth Apparel is a dog owner brand that sells collars, leads, coats and beds with more on the way.  This site had to highlight the love for the pets and the beauty of the products. 

2 | The Context and Challenge

The brand has many high end clients and needed a smooth site, with easy checkout and big visuals to convey the brand narratives.

3 | The Process

Custom photography, many iterations and a gorgeous Instagram channel was key to getting this narrative over to the users.  Further, its also for all dogs, though there is a specialization on specific sight-hound breeds. 

4 | The Solution

A minimalist and moderna style website and online store with a strong push on the available product.  Further, showcasing the animal and owners enjoying the product was key to promoting the lifestyle aspect.

5 | The Results

Houndstooth Apparel has become a niche and close to heart brand with close clientele and a large return business network of pet owners, and whispers of the brand everywhere, giving rise to true word of mouth marketing.


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