1 | The Overview

Nelford makes plastic bottling solutions with a 99% recycling process as well as cater to specific needs of niche clientele for bottling solutions.

2 | The Context and Challenge

The client required a long standing site that will quickly and easily convey their solutions to a very specific client base. 

3 | The Process

Creating 3D renders for Nelford using their CAD models, in blender for the massive and explosive visual style as well as focusing on the different types of product they produce.

4 | The Solution

A simple design in terms of website, but with rotational elements and 3D renders that show off the product instantly and give clients a grasp of the physicality.

5 | The Results

A stable and long running site maintained yearly that has shone out from the competitors in and around the area as well as helping grow a strong client base.


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